Vertical Blind Work

Vertical Blind

Vertical Blinds are used in office windows and homes, made from PVC Fabric strips to hang vertically and so called vertical blinds. It has two mechanisms, one is a drag chain and the other is chord food covering windows. Vertical Blinds gives modern window dressing and can be used for living room blinds or office blinds.

Vertical Window Curtains are designed to give nearly complete blackout by using totally thick blackout fabric and soothing plain colours provides a combination of shading and privacy.


Vertical Blinds is easy to use and perfect for really large windows . This provides much needed privacy and elegant means to control light in your home.

Style up your windows with our vertical blinds.

Work Details and other info

We have a team of talented sculptures, designers and fabricators that will make sure that the product you get is truly the BEST.

  • Price: 70 per sq feet
  • Location: Delhi & NCR
  • Time: Really fast
  • Start working: Imediately

Virender Kumar