Bamboo Chick Work

Bamboo Chick

Bamboo Chick Blinds is one of the oldest methods to control entry of bright sunlight inside a room during hot summer. They are efficiently made of superior quality bamboo sticks by tying together with the help of strong plastic thread. These chick blinds are suitable to be used for covers for balcony and for windows.


It is used as an outdoor chick and for balcony covering which is made of natural bamboo to create a perfect natural look. It is rollable so you can position it according to your convenience. Bamboo Chick Blinds are installed so that they can easily be rolled.

Work Details and other info

We have a team of talented sculptures, designers and fabricators that will make sure that the product you get is truly the BEST.

  • Price: 35 per sq feet
  • Location: Delhi & NCR
  • Time: Really fast
  • Start working: Imediately

Virender Kumar